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Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture

The Programme of Armenian Studies and Ghent University are delighted to present the details of this year’s Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture, which will be held at Ghent University on 7 May 2022.

Writing between Hope and Tragedy: The Life and Work of Eghia Demirjibashian

Lecturer: Prof. Theo van Lint (University of Oxford)

Eghia Demirjibashian (1851-1908, both in Constantinople) was a writer and poet, a dedicated contributor to journals, some of which he founded himself. Of frail mental health, the death of close relatives shook him, as did unhappiness in love, which led to a first suicide attempt in 1874. He suffered from consumption and by 1900 his mental health had deteriorated further. He committed suicide in 1908.

A well-known figure in Constantinople journalistic and literary circles, Demirjibashian was referred to simply as Eghia and wrote under many pseudonyms. Much of his work awaits publication, main collections with selcetions from his oeuvre saw the light in Paris in 1955 and in Yerevan in 1986.

Demirjibashian was inspired by positivism, French and German literature, as well as the Armenian literary tradition. The lecture will trace Eghia Demirjibashian’s life and work, inspiration for his social and literary endeavours and take a closer look at elements of his literary legacy, among others the exceptional Our Bosphorus.

We look forward to seeing you in Ghent for what promises to be a fascinating and enlightening return of the Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture.

Full programme
Welcoming remarks: Prof. Peter van Nuffelen
Expression of thanks: Dr Krikor Moskofian
Speaker: Prof. Theo van Lint

Date: 7 May 2022
Time: 5 PM (local time)
Venue: Plateauroom, Ghent University, Jozef Plateaustraat 22, 9000, Ghent

This event will be livestreamed.

Who is Taniel Varouzhan?

Taniel Varouzhan (1884-1915) is one of the most celebrated Armenian poets, whose poetry set a milestone in Armenian literature in the early 20th century. He was an alumnus of Ghent University, on the walls of which there hangs a commemorative plaque in his honour.

The Taniel Varouzhan Annual Lecture is the brainchild of the Programme of Armenian of Studies, which seeks to immortalise the memory and legacy of this great writer in Ghent. Every year we invite a prominent academic or intellectual to Ghent University to speak on topics related to Armenian Studies and Armenians in general. We are indebted to Ghent University for their invaluable moral and practical support.

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