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Fundraising 2017

5th Anniversary Fundraising Walk:

Talk while you Walk


To celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the establishment of the Programme of Armenian Studies, we are organising a long-distance continental walk with three distinct purposes in mind:

1. To fundraise for the institution’s longevity and forthcoming projects

2. To raise awareness of and promote the use of Western Armenian

3. To provide Western Armenian lessons in a fun and adventurous environment surrounded by spectacular scenery

This initiative will start on Saturday 26th August and will end on Tuesday 3rd October.

Whilst traversing the medieval pilgrim route, otherwise known as the “Camino de Santiago” from the French Pyrenees to the Spanish shores of the Atlantic Ocean, participants will engage in Western Armenian conversations.

Bear in mind that it is not mandatory for participants to traverse the entire demarcated route: rather, the “Talk while you Walk” initiative provides them with the opportunity to join in as and when they can.

The Director of the Programme of Armenian Studies, Dr Krikor Moskofian, has completed this journey in 35 days in the same months (August, September, October) in 2016. Dr Moskofian will be leading the group from start to end.

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