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Expenses 2016

One of the core values that the Programme of Armenian Studies adheres to is transparency in its spending and accountability to its donor. With our List of Expenses 2013-2015 we set the practice of exposing our financial expenses to the public. By doing so we promised to make this an established practice. We honour our word by releasing our second List of Expenses 2016. In 2016 the Programme of Armenian Studies was granted £29,750 by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to cover the expenses of its activities in 2016. From the first donation in 2015 funds worth of £3011.87 was available. With the consent of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation this sum has been allocated to the expenses for 2016, thus totalling £32,761.87.

Every expense is backed by a corresponding invoice and scrutinised by our funder. Very few Armenian organisations, if any, take the important step of putting their finances in the public domain. We do, because we are eager to incorporate ethics in our daily work practice. We firmly believe that an open-book policy is the only way to build confidence between us and our followers. We express our gratitude to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for its continuous support.


This first section, which shows the expenses for events, includes everything related to organisation, promotion and entertainment. The number of events is eleven.

Organisation: This section includes all expenses of writing, translating and proofreading the reports, filming the lectures, international and local travel costs and accommodation of guests (we always ask our guests to purchase the cheapest tickets available).

Entertainment: Due to shortage of funds, our Programme, unfortunately, does not give an honorarium to invited guest speakers. However, we treat with them with the utmost courtesy and hospitality. After each event we invite them to dinner. The £60 of the total expenses is covered by the Programme of Armenian Studies. This is a self-imposed cap.



English report


English proofreading


Translation into Western Armenian


Total £790





Travel Cost

Air fare


International train


Local train


Tube (Metro/Subway)


Total £3364.86










Total: £8574.29


Western Armenian Courses

Summer Intensive Courses

Venue rent for Western Armenian 1


Venue rent for Western Armenian 2



Coffee break (milk, sugar, coffee, biscuits)


Report on the courses

English  £40

Proofreading of English £20

Translation into Western Armenian  £30



Total £1047.37


Evening Courses

Venue rent for the first term (October-December, 2016) for the courses

Elementary and Intermediate courses


Society of Western Armenian Speakers 


Total £1474.52



We extensively promote our Programme by every means available. Our special focus is on our Summer Intensive Courses and to lesser extend Evening courses.

Printing and distributing flyers for Evening and Summer Intensive Courses

Printing flyers


Distributing flyers

Total £367.05

Writing and translating promotional material and other promotional activities

Total £166

Advertisement on Facebook


Advertisements in Armenian printed outlets


Total £2427.89


Office and other expenses

Maintenance of the mailing list 


Maintenance of website



(Papers, cartriges, pens, white board pens, pockets, notebooks, etc.)


External hard drive (to store filmed lectures)





(Printed materials and photocopies for the Evening and Summer Intensive Courses and other administrative materials)


Renewal of business address


Total £1260.55



Staff wages

The Programme of Armenian Studies is run by a group of dedicated people, which includes one full timer, two part timers and occasional contributors. Our minimum wage is £8.

Total £19,018.65



Events  £8574.29

Western Armenian Courses  £1474.52

Office and other expenses £1260.55

Staff Wages £19,018.65


Grand Total £32,755.90

Funds available  £32,761.87


Remaining funds £5.97

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