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Santiago de Compostela – Finisterre

Day 36

Saturday 30th September

Santiago del Compostela to Negreira

Krikor left Santiago de Compostela on the final stretch of his journey towards Finisterre, the end point of the Fifth Anniversary Fundraising Walk. See pictures below of the final sights of Santiago in the distance, hiking campers on the way-side, and burnt forests which last year stood tall and green. On his journey to Negreira, Krikor enjoyed a local pastry dish called Empanada which is made with fish in the village of Aguapesada. It was delicious. Further down the journey Krikor went through the village of Ponte Maceira; the prettiest village on the Camino de Santiago.



Day 37

Sunday 1st October

Negreira to Olveiroa

On this day Krikor left towards Olveiroa, and as it was still hunting season in Spain, he witnessed more hunting activities occurring around the area. See the picture of a hunting dog below.

The journey to Olveiroa was one of the longest on the trip; 33.3km. The last few days would involve more than 31km of walking until reaching Finisterre, the final destination.



Day 38

Monday 2nd October

Olveiroa to Muxia

The journey to Muxia was a special one. As Krikor was walking, he caught a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. It was a great sight. See pictures of the villages of Dumbria and Quintans below. Krikor reached Muxia in the late afternoon to very grey and windy weather.



Day 39 

Tuesday 3rd October

The End of the Journey: Muxia to Finisterre

The final day of the Fifth Anniversary Fundraising Walk. Krikor arrived in Finisterre at around 3:15pm after a whole morning of walking. See photos below of the final few kilometers of the walk and the famous Finisterre lighthouse. The final photo is of an iconic Finisterre sunset, when the sun disappears over the seemingly endless Atlantic.

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