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Triacastela – Santiago de Compostela

Day 30

Sunday 24th September

Triacastela to Barbadelo

On this day Krikor reached Barbadelo. Along the journey, he explored the city of Sarria, the famous monastery of Samos and witnessed a rainbow appear above the city of Barbadelo.


Day 31

Monday 25th September

Barbadelo to Ventas de Narón

Upon reaching Ventas de Narón, Krikor was only 100km away from Santiago, around 220km away from Finisterre – the final destination. There are some pictures below of a burnt forest: last year the same forest was all green.


Day 32

Tuesday 26th September

Ventas de Narón to Melide

This day’s route went through the village of Lameiros and the town of Palas de Rei. Krikor enjoyed a serving of Pulpo Galego for dinner in Melide; a typical Galician dish of octopus commonly found in Melide.


Day 33

Wednesday 27th September

Melide to Arca

The journey from Melide to Arca was 33km! A very long and tiresome journey indeed. Krikor ate another traditional Galician soup on this evening, this one called Caldo Galego. Caldo Galego’s main ingredients are beans, cabbage and potato.


Day 34 – 35

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th September 

Arca to Santiago de Compostela

On Thursday Krikor arrived in Santiago de Compostela, and explored the city’s famous sites. On Friday, the day off from the walk, Krikor explored the city in further depth, stumbling upon a poster advertising a local concert by Ara Malikian, the famous Lebanese Armenian violinist and discovering an open concert of Galician music and dance. See also a photo of Krikor with some fellow hikers. He also investigated the Santiago Cathedral and witnessed the ceremony Botafumeiro which was taking place: an incense burner is swung 1.6m into the air from side of the church to the other. Krikor also stumbled across a peaceful demonstration in Cathedral Square.

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