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Who We Are

The Centre for Western Armenian Studies is a London-based academic institution, founded with the goal of promoting Western Armenian language and Armenian studies in the UK, Europe, and around the world.


Aware of the gap in the promotion of Armenian Studies, we have undertaken to make the voice of Armenian Studies heard at higher academic levels, and have based ourselves in London, a global hub for academia, to helps further this aim. Since its foundation in 2012, the Centre for Western Armenian Studies has run Western Armenian language courses for elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners. It also organises academic events such as lectures and panel discussions and offers month-long summer intensive language courses at three levels.


The vision which drives us is that of creating an institution which will take care of the intellectual and cultural needs of Armenian communities around the world, and this international outlook is our motivation for maintaining a strong online presence. We are determined to promote Armenian Studies within and outside these communities, and to act as a bridge not only between the Armenian communities of Europe, but also between each community and experts in fields of Armenian interest. At the same time, we promote the study of minorities in general, this being a field of interest for us.

The Centre for Western Armenian Studies is run with the following aims in mind:
• To promote the Western Armenian language
• To preserve, document and promote Armenian culture and memory
• To promote Armenian Studies in academic circles in London and other global cities


The Centre is an evolving project; we work against the challenges we face to meet our goals, and the last year or so has seen us reach milestones such as the streamlining of our newsletters and the introduction of video recordings of all our public events. We have also begun to translate the event reports that we produce for the benefit of those who are unable to attend from English into Western Armenian initially, and eventually into French, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

The ultimate goal of the Centre is to establish a higher education institution which, as well as continuing to teach and promote the Western Armenian language and organise Armenian-interest public events, will expand its reach to include the teaching of Armenian literature, history, and culture. Eventually, our wish is to provide teaching and award diplomas in Armenian Studies and related subjects, such as Diaspora and Ottoman Studies, and we have other projects in the pipeline besides. The Centre for Western Armenian Studies continues to grow, as does its number of followers.


The Centre for Western Armenian Studies is a fully transparent and accountable institution. In serving Armenian communities in the Diaspora, the Centre for Western Armenian Studies recognises the need to remain academic and impartial, and since its foundation has maintained its independent, non-political, secular status. However, we do not shy away from the discussion of any topic within an academic framework; we raise political question in a scholarly environment without supporting any political or ideological entity.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses or future public events. If you are unable to attend our events in person, however, you will find recordings and reports online at http://www.cfwas.org.uk/lectures/lecture-blog, and you can stay up to date by joining our mailing list http://eepurl.com/bgkcrj

We are indebted to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for providing consistent support from our very beginnings.

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