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Logroño – Boadilla del Camino

Day 9

Sunday 3rd September

Logroño to Nájera

On Sunday the group traversed through the town of Navarrete, discovered the vineyards of Rioja, and found a nature reserve with plenty of fish and squirrels. They reached Nájera in the evening.



Day 10

Monday 4th September

Nájera to Santo Domingo



Day 11

Tuesday 5th September

Santo Domingo to Belorado

The Fundraising Walk reached Belorado today! The past few days included journeying through the villages of Azofra, Ciruena, Redecilla, Castildelgado, Viloria and the town of Santo Domingo.



Day 12

Wednesday 6th September

Belorado to Atapuerca

The Group travelled through the villages of Tosantos, Villambistia, Villafranca, Espinosa, and San Juan, and reached Atapuerca today! They also went through a UNESCO World Heritage Site which contains prehistoric artifacts and tools used by the ancestors of homo sapians! In Atapuerca, Krikor met a group of fellow travellers who hail from Taiwan.



Day 13 – 14 

Thursday 7th & Friday 8th September

Atapuerca to Burgos

Krikor left Atapuerca in the early morning witnessing day break, and walked to Burgos where he met up with the others in the group. After a day of exploring the city together, they said their goodbyes and wished Krikor good luck for the rest of his journey. See photos of their explorations below.


Day 15

Saturday 9th September

Burgos to Hontanas

Krikor set out from Burgos on his own, and was greeted with long bouts of rain as he travelled towards Hontanas. He walked through the villages of Tardajos, Rabe de Las Calzadas and Hornillos del Camino.



Day 16

Sunday 10th September

Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino

Last year, Krikor faced a harsh thunder storm on his journey to Boadilla del Camino. Fortunately this year, the weather was much more favourable.

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